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I have a simple (working) query from unwind to MongoDB, how can I write this query using Jongo? 

db.stores.aggregate([ { $unwind: "$listProducts" }, { $match : { "listProducts.productPrice" : { $ne : 0 } } }, { $group : { _id : { storeName : "$storeName", }, MAX_Products : { $max : "$listProducts.productPrice" } } } ])

What I have tried:

Aggregate.ResultsIterator max = stores.aggregate("{$unwind:{$listProducts}") .and("{$match:{ $ne : 0 }") .and("{$group:{$storeName}") .and("{$max:{$listProducts.productPrice}") .as(Store.class); 
but I get
 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot parse query: {$unwind:{$listProducts}

Thank you for any hint!
Updated 12-Sep-21 1:14am

1 solution

YustasDev13 12-Sep-21 15:39pm
Of course, before asking this question, I looked at
I wrote the same as there in the example "Aggregation Framework", but it does not work for me (
Richard MacCutchan 13-Sep-21 4:07am
What version of Mongo are you using? According to the Jongo page $unwind is only available in v2.2.
YustasDev13 13-Sep-21 6:03am
Good day!
below is the structure of my collection
e332351f3f07(mongod-4.2.0) mongoStores> db.stores.find().pretty()
"_id": ObjectId("613a25870e945f654c1c2c5f"),
"storeName": "Пятерочка",
"listProducts": [
"_id": ObjectId("613a25e10e945f654c1c2c6e"),
"productName": "Молоко",
"productPrice": 55
"_id": ObjectId("613b12710e945f654c1c2f3f"),
"productName": "Кофе",
"productPrice": 200
"_id": ObjectId("613a25bf0e945f654c1c2c67"),
"storeName": "Копейка",
"listProducts": [
"_id": ObjectId("613a25cc0e945f654c1c2c6a"),
"productName": "Вода",
"productPrice": 10
"_id": ObjectId("613b12660e945f654c1c2f3c"),
"productName": "Чай",
"productPrice": 100
Fetched 2 documents in 4ms
e332351f3f07(mongod-4.2.0) mongoStores>
e332351f3f07(mongod-4.2.0) mongoStores> db.version()
e332351f3f07(mongod-4.2.0) mongoStores>
Richard MacCutchan 13-Sep-21 8:29am
Sorry, I cannot find a single example of the use of $unwind. I suggest you try the Jong forum at Jongo - Google Groups[^].
YustasDev13 13-Sep-21 8:38am
and I could not find examples of using $unwind in Jongo...
Richard MacCutchan 13-Sep-21 8:46am
Because we have been looking in the wrong place; try[^].
YustasDev13 13-Sep-21 10:30am
we know how to write a request to the MongoDB shell, but we do not know how to do it in Jongo...
that's the question!
Richard MacCutchan 13-Sep-21 10:33am
As Jongo has no examples, and their error message is worse than useless, I think you will have to go to the Jongo forum, as I suggested above.
YustasDev13 13-Sep-21 10:50am
I have already posted this question on the forum, but so far no one has answered it
YustasDev13 13-Sep-21 10:32am
db.stores.aggregate([ { $unwind: "$listProducts" }, { $match : { "listProducts.productPrice" : { $ne : 0 } } }, { $group : { _id : { storeName : "$storeName", }, MAX_Products : { $max : "$listProducts.productPrice" } } } ])

this query works fine in MongoDB shell

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