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I am finding it difficult to display retrieved photo varbinary data as a photo (an image). I have a qtablewidget where the retrieved data are stored. The varbinary data gets displayed there. I am coding in Python, managing my database with Microsoft SQL, pyodbc

I have a qformLayout below it where I append the data of the qTablewidget to. Now in the qformlayout, I want the photo to display, not the varbinary text. How do I go about it?

NOTE: I successfully retrieved my all the records and append them in their respective form cell when highlighted, my challenge is displaying the retrieved varbinary data as an image, not byte

What I have tried:

Here are some of the codes I have tried:


for row in rows:
    for col in range(
        itemArray =, col)
        text = "" if itemArray is None else itemArray.text()

         if (col == 14):

passlb = the passport photograph label i.e QLabel("Passport photo")
in my database table, the passport is in column 14, in my qformlayout, the passport is appended in row 12

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