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Hi! Good Day Everyone
I'm not really a hardcore developer and this my first attempt to do some printing, so I have been hoping somebody could help me out on my simple tool that I am trying to create.
So it's like this We have this pre made scholarship vouchers that I need to fill out some details like names, address etc.

Basically I wanted to create a simple tool where I will just input the details a certain textbox and it will print those details to the corresponding fields of my vouchers

I tried using the following codes and hoping to hit the mark where I need those details to be printed but I know this is not the best way. Hoping somebody can guide me . Thank You.

What I have tried:

using (Font font1 = new Font("Arial", 24, FontStyle.Bold, GraphicsUnit.Pixel))
PointF pointf1 = new PointF(30, 1000);
e.Graphics.DrawString(textBox1.Text, font1, Brushes.Blue, pointf1);
Updated 14-Sep-21 20:12pm
Peter_in_2780 14-Sep-21 21:49pm
You can do it without writing any code at all. Go to your favourite word processor's help, and look up "Mail Merge".

1 solution

There is no need to do programming here.
It was already suggested to look up "Mail Merge".
Here is a step by step guide which shows you how to accomplish your task:
How to Mail Merge from MS Word and Excel (Step-by-Step Guide)[^]

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