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Like this question is literally very confusing me.

-job_id: unique identifier of jobs
-actor_id: unique identifier of actor
-event: decision/skip/transfer
-language: language of the content
-time_spent: time spent to review the job in seconds
-org: organization of the actor,
-ds: date in the yyyy/mm/dd format. It is stored in the form of text and we use presto to run. no need for date function

	ds DATE,
    job_id INT NOT NULL,
    actor_id INT NOT NULL,
    event VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
    language VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
    time_spent INT NOT NULL,
    org CHAR(2)

ds job_id actor_id event language time_spent org
2020-11-30 21 1001 skip English 15 A
2020-11-30 22 1006 transfer Arabic 25 B
2020-11-29 23 1003 decision Persian 20 C
2020-11-28 23 1005 transfer Persian 22 D
2020-11-28 25 1002 decision Hindi 11 B
2020-11-27 11 1007 decision French 104 D
2020-11-26 23 1004 skip Persian 56 A
2020-11-25 20 1003 transfer Italian 45 C

And this the table from which we have to count. Points to be considered :
What does the event mean? What to consider for reviewing?

What I have tried:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS no_of_job, ds AS dates 
FROM job_data 
ORDER BY no_of_job DESC;
Updated 14-Sep-21 20:08pm

1 solution

You can't: your data does not contain any timestamp which would allow you to identify the time of day that the job was reviewed, and since "per hour per day" is a requirement without that information there is nothing you can do to fulfil it.

I suspect that either your data design is flawed - which means your data is useless for this task - or the task is badly stated and you should go back to whoever gave it to you and get the exact requirement clarified, preferably with sample input and output data.

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