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I have 1 HTML table like Image 1 and I want to Split this Table into Multiple HTML Table Like Image2 I am Receiving Data from MySql Database and populated that data in HTML Table as per Image 1 I don't want to use jQuery I want to use only vanilla JavaScript for this thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I don't have much idea so I have yet not write any code
Updated 17-Sep-21 3:47am
snorkie 15-Sep-21 12:48pm
Try looking at it has many interesting ways to output a table and is basic javascript.

1 solution

Assuming you know how to build a table using javaScript:

1 - get data from SQL table
2 - sort data using criteria you use for separating table. You should be able to do this in you SQL query and save some effort.
3 - start build first table, test the appropriate value to see if it belongs in the next table.
4 - when it does, close current table element and start building next table. You should be able to do this all with a single table-creating loop.


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