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Find the equivalent MIPS assembly code for the C program as follows:

x = 5
y = x - 2
a = x * 4
b = y * 2
z = (x + a) - (y + b)
Knowing that the variables x, y, a, b are 32-bit integers


What I have tried:

This is the command I used in the first 2 lines:

addi $t0,$zero,5 

addi $t1,$t0,-2

li $t2,4

But the third line I don't know which instruction to use to do the multiplication with the instantaneous constant
Updated 15-Sep-21 5:23am

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ubutu2334 15-Sep-21 11:27am    
I only see the instruction of multiplying 2 registers together. This statement: a = x * 4 is multiplied by the instantaneous constant.
jeron1 15-Sep-21 11:36am    
Well put the 4 in a different register then multiply or better still take advantage of the fact that it is a 2^n quantity and shift left by n as CPallini suggested.
ubutu2334 15-Sep-21 11:49am    
I tried your way
addi $t0,$zero,5 # x = 5
addi $t1,$t0,-2 # y = x - 2
li $t2,4 # t2 = 4
mult $t0, $t2 # x*4
mflo $s3 # a = x*4
li $t3,2 # t3 = 2
mult $t1,$t3 # y*2
mflo $s4 # b = y*2
add $t5, $t0, $s3 # temp1 = x + a
add $t6, $t1, $s4 # temp2 = y + b
sub $s5, $t5, $t6 # z = (x + a) - (y + b)
Is that correct?
jeron1 15-Sep-21 12:12pm    
Your addi generally should have 2 operands, the register and the immediate value.
addi $t0,5

I most often use mul for multiply so I don't have to deal with HI and LO.
mul $t0,$t2 //multiple $t0 and $t2 and store the result in $t0
In this case though a shift left would do the job,
sll $t0,2 // effectively multiplies $t0 by 4

Also, at some point you'll need to deal with signed versus unsigned operations.
Richard MacCutchan 15-Sep-21 11:59am    
Yes, but you can only use the instructions that exist.
Note, you don't have to use the multiplication. You know, the left shift...
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