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Hello everyone , please can you show me how we print the comma near a word in python with the input function , is there another way than the method format , i want to print "hello Mohamed, you are 20 years old " as i sad the comma near Mohamed because i tried with it , it print "hello Mohamed , you are 20 years old" there is space between the comma and Mohamed.

What I have tried:

searching on the net and coding on the text editor
Updated 16-Sep-21 5:50am
Richard MacCutchan 16-Sep-21 11:35am
Maybe if you showed the code that you used we could tell you what the problem is.
Mohamed AIT HADDOU 16-Sep-21 12:35pm
Name = input("Enter your name : ")
Age = int(input("Enter your age : "))

print("Hello",Name,", you are",Age,"years old")
Richard MacCutchan 16-Sep-21 12:43pm
The problem is that print will always add a space between fields. You can suppress that by adding sep='' to the print statement, but you would then need to add the spaces for all the other fields. A better solution is to use format strings as described at string — Common string operations — Python 3.9.7 documentation[^].
Mohamed AIT HADDOU 16-Sep-21 12:46pm
Thank you a lot

Concatenate the the message into a single string:
name = input('Enter your name: ')
age = input('Enter your age: ')
print ('hello ' + name + ', you are ' + age + ' years old')
Mohamed AIT HADDOU 16-Sep-21 12:30pm
thank you dear friend is there another method more specific or better that i should know ?
Lakpa@p 17-Sep-21 4:40am
print(f"Hello {Name} You are {Age} Years Old")

print("Hello %s You are %d Years Old" %(Name,Age))
You can try as you like

print(f"Hello {Name} You are {Age} Years Old")

print("Hello %s You are %d Years Old" %(Name,Age))

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