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I have an item_data table with unique ID's 'item_id' which is a unique identifier column and item name. I have another table item_data_new with new ID's and the item name is the same as in table item_data. My aim is to update all the IDs of item in the item_data table with the id's of item_data_new where the item name matches. This code is written in T-SQL.The below code is giving error:
T1.item_id could not be bound.

What I have tried:

UPDATE item_data
SET T1.item_id= T2.item_id

FROM item_data T1 JOIN item_data_new T2
Updated 20-Sep-21 1:28am

The columns on the left-hand side of the assignment in an UPDATE can only refer to the table being updated, so you don't need to specify the table name or alias:
SET item_id = T2.item_id
FROM item_data As T1 
INNER JOIN item_data_new As T2
ON =;
UPDATE (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^]
T1 is not available as a pseudonym in the SET. Use the full table name instead:
UPDATE item_data
SET Item_Data.item_id= T2.item_id

FROM item_data T1 JOIN item_data_new T2

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