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Apologies if my question is vague, I'm very new to this, but I need to convert an integer value to a float value in code, but I keep receiving the error
conversion from ‘int’ to ‘float’ may change value

This is the code in question

#include <stdio.h>  
void money_convertor(int cash)
	float Y = cash- 16;
    float Ye = C * 5;
    float Yen =  Ce/9;
    float Cost =  Yen + 900.1f;
    printf("cash Yen Cost\n---------------------------------------------\n%f  %f   %f\n", cash, yen, cost);

What do I add or change?

What I have tried:

First time coding for university, so really really lost. Help appreciated!
Updated 28-Sep-21 2:40am

How many more times are you going to ask this same question? We have explained (more than once) how to cast a float to an int and how to create a float value from an int. In the above code it is quite simple:
void money_convertor(int cash)
	float Y = (float)cash- 16.0f;
// or another way
    float Y = (float)(cash- 16);

But you should not be using float types for financial calculations as they are inherently prone to rounding errors.
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Member 15373566 28-Sep-21 5:54am    
This is my first question here...
Richard MacCutchan 28-Sep-21 5:59am    
Well the question is oddly similar to those posted by Member 15370412 - Professional Profile[^]. Maybe you are classmates.
float values aren't necessarily accurate, because of the way they are stored, so converting from a int to a float can in some cases lose you data (because a 32bit int takes the same space as a float, but has "more digits").

To get rid of the error, just cast the result, so the system knows you are sure about what you are trying to do:
float Y = (float) (cash - 16);
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To fix such a compiler complain, replace
printf("cash Yen Cost\n---------------------------------------------\n%f %f %f\n", cash, yen, cost);
printf("cash Yen Cost\n---------------------------------------------\n%d  %f   %f\n", cash, yen, cost);

Your code, however, has also other problems.
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Even all above is correct I would see the correct solution by changing the input type.
void money_convertor(float cash)
1. you read what the code will do: some float calculation
2. it removes the compiler warning
3. currency calculation has always some float values ($ or €)

The third point I see as the most important, but the first is the computer science main reason.
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