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Hello! Thank you for reading this. I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do.

This is in Visual Basic/Visual studio 2019

I have a form(possible server). I want to be able to stream this form to the clients in real time to say 6 clients. On this form are panels that are moveable on my side. Underneath is an image. So think of using a world map and having a panel on top that can be moved around by anyone logged into the client. No security just have the client that can move a panel for now.

Is this possible? I have zero server/client experience. I just want to create a server where I can load up what I need image wise and say 6 panels on top of it where others that are logged into it can move them around.

Not asking for a full write up. Just need a great place to start with examples/links to the info. This has to be in real time as well. If one person moves a panel the others see it on their end.

I know it's probably going to be a TON of work. So any help on this is crazy appreciated.

What I have tried:

Nothing yet. I've read some articles and researched and felt that starting here was the best thing to do before I destroy my program.
Updated 1-Oct-21 2:15am

I know it's probably going to be a TON of work.

I think that is probably understatement of the year. There are far too many aspects of such an application to be able to provide any useful answer in a Quick Answers forum. You need to study image handling, sockets/WCF or ASP.NET etc.
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Avohei 2-Oct-21 2:47am    
Do you have any place to start on this that you go to? Would there be an easier path to start learning to do this? Just need to stream the server form to all clients and let them see it and be able to move a panel.
Richard MacCutchan 2-Oct-21 3:54am    
RickZeeland's suggestion below is a good starting point.
You might be interested in Blazor, see: CodeProject Search Blazor[^]
And also: what-are-the-most-enjoyable-programming-languages-for-web-development~blazor[^]

This checkers game in Blazor looks like what you want to achieve:
Creating a Checkers Game in Blazor - Full Tutorial! - YouTube[^]

It seems possible to use Visual Basic with Blazor according to this article:
Combine C# And VB.NET In the Same Blazor Project[^]
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Avohei 2-Oct-21 2:48am    
I'll look into those. Thank you for the links. There is no timeline on this. It's just me learning more and to get better as a programmer.

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