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I have a frontend that sends a model to a API which I catch with a endpoint in a controller, lets call this the updated model. I then use the id send with the model to get the original model from the db using a Repo. My questions is, is there a way to iterate through each variable (using a loop) in the model in order for me to assign the updated model info to the original model in order to do a DBContext.SaveChanges().

What I have tried:

What works is:
C# =;
And also
originalModel.Settings.maxVolt = updatedModel.Settings.maxVolt;
What does not work is:
originalModel = updatedModel;
Updated 3-Oct-21 21:40pm

I expect you'll need to write a Model.SetFrom(Model src) method to perform a deep copy.  Also see MemberwiseClone()[^].  Simply copying a reference doesn't perform a deep copy.

Remember, MemberwiseClone() performs a shallow copy of each member.

At the end of the day I just used
dbContext.Update(T entity)
in the Repo, passing the updated model. Since the updated model and the original model have the same id, entity framework could track it. Then after the update I did a save the db.

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