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Hi All

Below is the data I am getting in NewLines

-Ignored:31,Modified src data,all *file,MINOSFIC/UTMNUP10
-Ignored:33,Modified src & tgt data,all *file,MINOSFIC/UVEGAP10
-Ignored:92,Synchro is running,*file,MINOSFIC/VM010P50
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010U51
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010U52
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010U53
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010U54
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010U55
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010U56
-Ignored:01,Object hold (synchro),*file,MINOSFIC/VM010Z59
-Ignored:18,Object hold,*file,MINOSFIC/VM011P50
-Ignored:18,Object hold,*file,MINOSSVG/S100001154
-Ignored:18,Object hold,*file,MINOSSVG/S200002683
-Ignored:18,Object hold,*file,W2257993/MINOSWEB2

I am trying to put the data in csv but it is only printing numbers in the file.

What I have tried:

$allIGfiles = Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:\LG2' -Recurse -Filter "*LG_VFN*"

foreach($file in $allIGfiles)
    $filename = $file.FullName

$data = Get-Content $filename | Select -SkipLast 1
$Lines = @()
foreach ($line in $data){ 
if($line -match "Ignored")

$NewLines = @($Lines | % { ($_  -replace "\s{2,}",",") -replace "(\d) ", '$1,'} | Select-Object -SkipLast 1)

$NewLines | Export-Csv 'c:\file-LG.csv' -append -NoTypeInformation
Updated 5-Oct-21 4:45am

I just tried your code and the output was:
-Ignored:32 Modified tgt data        all *file   MANHIN_SV/MCRHA52268
-Ignored:32 Modified tgt data        all *file   MANHIN_SV/MCRHA52269
-Ignored:32 Modified tgt data        all *file   MANHIN_SV/MZRHA88827

So whatever you are doing, you must be running some different code.
Empty Coder 5-Oct-21 9:09am
yes. but I want to put it in csv/excel in the format which I mentioned below that.
Richard MacCutchan 5-Oct-21 9:25am
Well you need to fix the code you are using first. Until you can extract the correct data, you cannot reformat into CSV
Empty Coder 5-Oct-21 9:35am
I have updated the code and new data which i am getting, but not able to put it in csv
Richard MacCutchan 5-Oct-21 9:46am
See below.
Try this:
$data = Get-Content 'file.txt' | Select -SkipLast 1
$Lines = @("Error Code, type, object")
foreach ($line in $data){ 
    if($line -match "Ignored")
        $parts = $data[0].Split(" ", [System.StringSplitOptions]::RemoveEmptyEntries)
        $field1 = @($parts[0], $parts[1], $parts[2], $parts[3]) -join " "
        $fields = @($field1, $parts[5], $parts[6]) -join ", "
        $Lines += $fields

The output will be in .csv form, like:
Error Code, type, object
-Ignored:32 Modified tgt data, *file, MANHIN_SV/MCRHA52268
-Ignored:32 Modified tgt data, *file, MANHIN_SV/MCRHA52268
-Ignored:32 Modified tgt data, *file, MANHIN_SV/MCRHA52268
Empty Coder 5-Oct-21 10:23am
@Richard MacCutchan: This didn't worked because the occurrence of the values can be at any position. can't specify exact number. like
Richard MacCutchan 5-Oct-21 10:48am
Sorry, but we can only work with the information you give us. My solution is based on your original question which has now been changed considerably.
Empty Coder 5-Oct-21 10:50am
If the data is fixed position, then it would have been easy. the positions are not constant that's where i am facing issue and posted the issue.
Richard MacCutchan 5-Oct-21 10:52am
Well you forgot to mention that in your original question. So you need to find a way of identifying the separate parts from all the different combinations.
Empty Coder 5-Oct-21 11:08am
That's what i did and got this output mentioned in the question. but i am not getting why i am not able to write to csv

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