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Hi All, in this query, ther are 2 tables t007 and t017 in join right join.
This code work well.

var res = (
 from A in CurrentDbContext.t007
 join B in CurrentDbContext.t017 on A.id_soc equals B.id_soc into JOIN_AB
 select new
         Id_soc_rappr = A.id_soc_rappr,
         Person_G = JOIN_AB  //in this case I see all columns

But I want show only 2 columns and not all columns about second table.

What I have tried:

I try this code, but doesn't work. How can I resolve ?
select new
                 Id_soc_rappr = A.id_soc_rappr,
                 Person_G = JOIN_AB.id_person  //in this case I want a single colum
Updated 5-Oct-21 3:34am

1 solution

JOIN_AB is a list of records from your t017 table. It doesn't have a property called id_person.

Try projecting the list to select just the column(s) you want:
select new
    Id_soc_rppr = A.id_soc_rappr,
    Person_G = JOIN_AB.Select(b => new { b.id_person })
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antobaro 5-Oct-21 8:48am    
Great !!!! Very many Thanks !!!! ;-)

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