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I keep getting the following error in my coding

print("Product", products.product_name)
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'product_name'

This is not the complete coding as there is multiple files but the display method is causing an error and is not able to return the product name, I am trying to get the display method to return the name of the product "Toy" I have included the product class and the code which contains the attributes, can anyone advise I feel like I have looked at this all day with no avail (apologies beginner student).

#Creating shopping cart class
class Shopping_Cart:

    def __init__(self, cart_id):
        self.cart_id = cart_id

    # Method Display:
    def display(self):
        print("Shopping Cart ID", self.cart_id)
        for products in self.products:
            print("Product", products.product_name)

class Products:
def __init__(self, product_name, product_id, product_price, quantity, supplier):
  self.product_name = product_name
  self.product_id = product_id
  self.product_price = product_price
  self.supplier = supplier
  self.quantity = quantity

product_1 = Products("Top", 1, 15, 100, "3'rd party")

What I have tried:

I have tried the above code numerous times , tried not using string which I thought was causing the issues
Updated 5-Oct-21 7:51am

1 solution

The issue is that you are using the same variable name for the item returned from the products list.
for products in self.products:
    print("Product", products.product_name)

So you now have a local variable called products which is the first item in your products list. Assuming it is a string it does not have an attribute named product_name. Your code is somewhat confusing as it is not clear what items you have in the list.

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