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So I want my code to read the filenames in a directory, because the files there are constantly changing. Is there an easy way or recommended way of doing this?


What I have tried:

I can only manually specify the string of the filename in code
Updated 8-Oct-21 20:04pm

You can use the FileSystemWatcher[^] to continuously watch the directories of interest. This would provide you with enough information about the directories, and what changes have been made in the file system.
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Admin BTA 10-Oct-21 14:57pm    
Awesome. Extremely helpful - thank you!
In addition to what Afzaal has said, you shoudl also look at the Directory class[^]
It contains methods for listing directories: Directory.GetFiles Method (System.IO) | Microsoft Docs[^] among other things.
You should also look at the very useful Path Class[^] which can help a lot with file names and paths.
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Admin BTA 10-Oct-21 14:57pm    
Very helpful! Thanks!

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