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I want to sort every words in the sentence like this.

Enter the phrase: i love programming
Output: i elov aggimmnoprr

What I have tried:

word = str(input("Enter the phrase: "))
Updated 19-Oct-21 9:34am

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Marvin Añasco 21-Oct-21 2:15am    
ty man?
Maciej Los 21-Oct-21 3:26am    
If "ty man" means: "Thank you, man" then: you're very welcome.
First, break the sentence into words: find all the separators (comma, full stop, space, and so forth) and use them to extract each word. Hint (if allowed by your teacher): what does the split function do?

Then, sort the collection of words. Hint (if allowed by your teacher): what does the sort function do?

Then join them back together with spaces, and print them.

But this is homework, so you'll get no code!
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Marvin Añasco 19-Oct-21 5:27am    
ty man but i'm done with this
Nelek 19-Oct-21 9:54am    
Does it mean that you managed to solve it in 15 minutes?
If yes... why don't you try it on your own before posting a question online?
Marvin Añasco 21-Oct-21 2:14am    
ur too late, i'll already have code with this, but my problem is code, u can see my code above.
Marvin Añasco 19-Oct-21 5:30am    
i split the words by loop then after separate the words i use sorted() function for every words after that i use (end=' ') to print the same line

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