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I have developed a form where I want to either call an already stored URL or if the relevant field is blank I want to load I am using the latest version of chrome.

Google loads in the web browser box on my form but when I try to access something from Google I get the following error:
Object doesn't support property or method 'loadeventlistner'

Any ideas how to solve this?

I am using the latest version of Visual Basic in Visual-Studio Community 2019

What I have tried:

On the form I have a command button Browse which has the code
WebBrowser.Navigate(New Uri(""))

where WebBrowser is the name of my browser control on the form.

Pressing the command button loads Google and I can type something into its search box. But if I try to execute the search I get the above error.

I have searched Google for a solution but to no avail.
Updated 19-Oct-21 4:33am
CHill60 19-Oct-21 8:55am
Which browser control are you using?
Member 14028601 19-Oct-21 12:09pm
I was using Chrome but I have now uninstalled that and I am using Microsoft Edge. I am getting the same problem

1 solution

As far as I know, the standard WebBrowser control shipped with Windows does not support the LoadEventListener event. It's utilising IE under the covers, but changing your IE settings in a normal browser will not propagate to the control.

There are various suggestions for a solution here javascript - Object doesn't support property or method WebBrowser Control[^]

If you want to have Chrome embedded then you will need to use a third-party library such as Cef

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