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To display text where each word is selectable. Which Html element is recommended to surround each word. I would like it to be visible to the user and underline when selected.

What I have tried:

This doesn't didn't reference to my call of the C# public void.
<span id="1" onclick="my_function()"> word here </span>

I would like the onclick to work, but still look like regular text.
<asp:linkbutton runat="server" OnClick="my_function"> word here </asp:linkbutton>

Looking for something like...
<asp:span id="1" onclick="my_c#_function"> word here </asp:span>
Updated 19-Oct-21 11:07am

1 solution

I don't know about "best practice" in this use case; however - depending on the number of words involved - you may find the overheads of setting up many separate controls are excessive... if only in terms of page size.

I'd probably approach this by wrapping each word in a simple tag, no need for any additional attributes. On page load, run a simple script (using JQuery in this example)
$('#parentelement span').click(function() {
where #hiddenfield is just that, and #hiddenbutton is a standard button but styled to be display:none. Your server event simply checks the value passed back in the hidden field to identify which word has been clicked. Use CSS to style each span on mouseover / mousedown.
#parentelement span:hover {

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