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I am trying to jump to a specific frame using openCV. I am doing this by dividing the specific number of the frame by the total number of frames. However, when I enter keyboard inputs to move forward a specific frame, the window crashes. It is not a forced close because exit code is 0, caused by the if not success: print("bruh") and break.
I am attaching my code below. If the video tool library that I created is needed, I will attach that in an edit, just let me know.
<pre>import cv2
import mediapipe as mp
import time
import video_tools as vt

mpDraw =
mpPose =
pose = mpPose.Pose()

file_name = 'OpenTurn'
video_ext = 'mp4'
video_path = 'C:\\Users\\jcoli\\PycharmProjects\\SwimCodeProject\\PoseVideos'
cap = vt.open_video(video_path + '/' + file_name + '.' + video_ext)
pTime = 0
cur_frame_num = 0

total_frames = vt.get_total_frames(cap)
show_annotation = True
key_pressed = ''

while True:
    if key_pressed == ord('a'):
        if cur_frame_num > 0:
            cur_frame_num = cur_frame_num - 1
            print('This is the first frame!')
    elif key_pressed == ord('d'):
        if cur_frame_num < total_frames:
            cur_frame_num = cur_frame_num + 1
            print('This is the last frame!')
        print('Please try one of these: a (pref), d (next)')
        key_pressed = cv2.waitKey() & 0xFF

    cap.set(2, cur_frame_num/total_frames)
    success, img =
    if not success:
    imgRGB = cv2.cvtColor(img, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
    results = pose.process(imgRGB)
    # print(results.pose_landmarks)
    if results.pose_landmarks:
        mpDraw.draw_landmarks(img, results.pose_landmarks, mpPose.POSE_CONNECTIONS)
        for id, lm in enumerate(results.pose_landmarks.landmark):
            h, w, c = img.shape
            print(id, lm)
            cx, cy = int(lm.x * w), int(lm.y * h)
            points =, (cx, cy), 5, (255, 0, 0), cv2.FILLED)

    cTime = time.time()
    fps = 1 / (cTime - pTime)
    pTime = cTime

    cv2.putText(img, str(int(fps)), (70, 50), cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_PLAIN, 3,
                (255, 0, 0), 3)

    key_pressed = vt.set_frame(img)

What I have tried:

I have tried looking at the Stack Overflow link [^] and asked for help from friends

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