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My function is not calculating the expected value instead printing some negative integers as result.

What I have tried:

// code to find area of rectangle using functions

// function for calculating the area of rectangle
         float areaofrect(float l,float b)
             float area;
             return area;

//Driver function
         int main()
             float a,b,A;
             printf("enter length,breadth of the rectangle:");
             printf("the area of the rectangle is:%f",A);
             return 0;
Updated 22-Oct-21 23:41pm

It works fine for me: I paste your code into on online compiler, and enter two numbers. I get the result I expect:
enter length,breadth of the rectangle:2.0,3.3
the area of the rectangle is:6.600000

...Program finished with exit code 0
Press ENTER to exit console

So what am I doing that is different to you?
Check you have compiled the app and are running the right EXE file.
Nithish Karthikeyan 22-Oct-21 15:41pm
Instead of using a comma to separate the inputs I used a space..
The input is wrong, must be delimited with space. Better is to write clean code and seperate both inputs:
int main()
             float length, breadth, area;
             printf("enter length:");
             printf("breadth of the rectangle:");
             area = areaofrect(length,breadth);
             printf("the area of the rectangle is:%f",area);
             return 0;
it is clearer, easier and understandable and more fun to read ;-)

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