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I write ALOT of desktop apps in C# Winforms and WPF for work. I'm really good with SQL also. I really feel like I should be moving on to python but, I cannot figure out the purpose. Everything I Google shows a an extremely simple UI in all black and white. I am clearly missing something and I honestly can't figure it out. Do I need a website for an web app to be usable? I'm embarrassed to ask these things but, I've looked on and off over the past few months and I can't seem to find a real world application for these tools. I know there is one.

I should add, that python I kinda get, but I only ever see stuff on the command line. How would I ever get someone else to be able to use it as well?

What I have tried:

I have Googled, watched videos, asked friends, I just don't get it.
Updated 26-Oct-21 0:24am
Mohibur Rashid 25-Oct-21 22:42pm    
Are you still a student?
Corey Bailey 2021 25-Oct-21 23:04pm    
No, I'm mostly self-taught. I've been writing desktop apps, ERP customizations etc. etc. etc. for my company going on 5 years now.
Its not that I don't know that the other tools are very good. I know they are. I just can't seem to figure out an entry point and an understanding of what to do with them. I know how ridiculous that sounds.
Mohibur Rashid 25-Oct-21 23:33pm    
Developing an app is not related to what you feel like, it is obviously related to what business need. For some task Desktop app is better than web app. But there would be tasks when web application will give us better solution. If you want to sell your software in subscription model, web tool will, may be, better, may be.
#realJSOP 26-Oct-21 6:36am    
Web apps are for wasting developers' time.

ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET[^] is designed specifically to make websites, such as this one you are looking at.
Java supports the desktop and web applications through JavaServer Pages Technology[^].
Python can create websites via Welcome to Flask — Flask Documentation (2.0.x)[^].

The UI part with colours, images, sound and videos is provided through the use of HTML, CSS and Javascript etc.
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i think of the image of a rabbit crossing a street at night, frozen in the glare of on-rushing headlights :) There is a bewildering, rapidly evolving/changing, range of methods to create websites that can be developed through programming; that can be hosted in a browser; that go beyond the original web toolkit of HTML, CSS, simple JavaScript.

Web Applications, Web Components, TypeScript driven apps via ASP, Blazor, Angular, Uno, Ionic, React, JavaScript+libraries, Java based frameworks, server-side based tools like Node.js: you might say it's a race where all the participants are "handicapped" by the fact that the browser must end up with HTML and, optionally, CSS.

All addressing security and rendering to different OS's, browsers, and screen sizes in different ways.
I have Googled, watched videos, asked friends, I just don't get it.
i think your research will start yielding "chunks you can digest." If you research these strategies separately: there is no shortage of excellent overviews and tutorials for each of them ... but, they are often changing in ays you must attention to use (like Angular whose latest version often breaks the previous version.

Pick one or two of the "frameworks" that use a language/OS/IDE you are familiar with, and explore those in more depth.
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Corey Bailey 2021 26-Oct-21 17:24pm    
So basically everyone that says that that WPF and Winforms are dead are full of it? They are for desktop applications obviously, and I haven't really found anything that works as well as they do for that purpose. Like I said, I have used python for some imports into Power Bi and small things like that.
BillWoodruff 26-Oct-21 22:16pm    
"So basically everyone that says that that WPF and Winforms are dead are full of it?"

i don't know about "everyone;" but, i know i would never say that :)

My old friend Andrej, author of what are in my opinion the best suite of WinForms controls, has now moved on to creating web controls for Blazor, check his work out at he tells me you can create desktop-equivalent apps that run in the browser, leveraging your C#/.NET skills.

Keep a watch on Microsoft's Maui, which they claim is the next step after Xamarin.

Now, back to programming using ... WinForms.

cheers, Bill

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