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As you can see, in my service layer this method send post request like client to the server using Spring Boot WebClient framework, but I have getting a problem, which as you can see my method accept 4 params, which you see and I want to send these only 3 params to the server. I wonder how to set multiple params to send using WebClient? What method support this?

public Mono<ResponseEntity<? extends ResponseResource>> sendSms(String message, List<BulkSmsRequestResource> request, String originatorName, String sendSmsApi) {
    if (request == null) {
        return Mono.just(new ResponseEntity<>(
                new ErrorResponseResource(
                        "Transaction failed successfully!",
    Mono<BulkSmsRequestResource> bulkSmsRequestResourceMono =
            .body(Mono.just(request), BulkSmsRequestResource.class)
    return Mono.just((new ResponseEntity<>(new SuccessResponseResource("Transaction done successfully", 200), HttpStatus.OK)));

What I have tried:

I tried to send in bulk using the Collection library, but I couldn't.

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