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I'm really new to coding c# and have recently been trying to learn how to do methods, but every time I've tried making a method in C# in visual studio it comes up with the same error: an object reference is required for non-static field, method, or property.

Here is an example of the code I used to try (and fail) to create a method (As I stated, this is in C# in Visual Studio):

using System;

namespace metTestNov
    class Program

        static void Main(string[] args)
            int x = 2;
            int xReturnTest = Program.returnNum(x);
        public int returnNum (int x)
            return x;


What I have tried:

I've tried changing 'public' to 'private', I've tried putting the method before the 'main' method.
Updated 5-Nov-21 7:59am
Gerry Schmitz 5-Nov-21 13:57pm    
In the present context, returnNum must be defined as "static". The "Main" entry point is a static method; it has no "object instance" associated with it; which you would need to call retrunNum otherwise (an object instance of "Program").

1 solution

You have declared returnNum as a non-static method, but you are trying to call it as if it is static. So change your code in one of the following ways:
public static int returnNum (int x) // make it static

Program prog = new Program(); // create an instance of the Program class
int xReturnTest = prog.returnNum(x); // call returnNum on the instance object

But what you should really do is get a good tutorial on C# and learn it in a structured fashion. .NET Book Zero by Charles Petzold[^] is an excellent starter.
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