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I have Swift code to call on the Open Weather API.The code works well with any one word city (eg Rome), but balks at a city with more than one word (eg New York).

I have some print statements to show console output at various steps and they all work with a single word input city. The console output shows the expected JSON string.

With a city like New York or Los Angeles, I get the console print of the URL, but no JSON.

I copy and paste the NY console URL string into a browser and the site responds appropriately. Value of myKey redacted.

Output for Paris

URL is:

JSON is:


extracts of JSON:
CITY is Paris
TEMP IS 4.76

for New York: York

Any ideas?

What I have tried:

struct WeatherManager {


    let weatherURL =  ""

    func fetchWeather (cityName:String) {

        let urlString = ("\(weatherURL)&q=\(cityName)")

        //let urlString = " York"

        print("**URL*** \(urlString)")

        performRequest(urlString: urlString)



    func performRequest(urlString: String) {

            //1.  create the URL? (optional)

        if let url = URL(string: urlString){

           // 2.  create URL Session- the thing that performs like a browser (default)

            let session = URLSession(configuration: .default)

           // 3.  give session a task;  task waits for data, so uses completion handler

           //     as a function()

            let task = session.dataTask(with: url, completionHandler: handle(data:response:error:))

           // 4.  start the task; "resume" because task is initialized as "suspended"




    //function to "handle" input to completionHandler in #3; called by the task

    //passes data back to the completionHandler

    func handle(data: Data?, response: URLResponse?, error: Error? ) ->Void {

        //check for errors here

        if error != nil{


            return  //exit failed


            //optional binding of data

            if let safeData = data {

                //look at data in web data format utc8

                let dataString = String(data: safeData, encoding: .utf8)



                //new  cll func

                parseJSON(weatherData: safeData)



        func parseJSON (weatherData: Data) {

           let decoder = JSONDecoder()

            //aski g for a type:  WeatherData is object, WeatherData.self is a type

            //since .decode can throw an error, use a DO  TRY CATCH

            do {

                //.decode creates a WeatherData.self object, so capture it in a constant

            let decodedData = try decoder.decode(WeatherData.self, from: weatherData)

                print("CITY is \(")

                print(" TEMP IS \(decodedData.main.temp)")



            } catch {







Updated 11-Nov-21 8:01am
Richard Deeming 11-Nov-21 4:06am    
You probably need to URL-encode the city name before you inject it into the URL.
Sleeper 11888211 11-Nov-21 13:01pm    
Thanks Richard!

I added %20 to substitute for spaces:
New York ---> New%20York
and it worked as expected.

1 solution

Thanks Richard!

I added %20 to substitute for spaces:
New York ---> New%20York
and it worked as expected.


if let city_old = searchTextField.text {
            city = city_old.replacingOccurrences(of: " ", with: "%20")
            weatherManager.fetchWeather(cityName: city)
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