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I am having trouble managing a array of strings.
This program is supposed to ask 3 names and then ask for a new name to rewrite the 1st name it got.
Then I print inside the function "change" the names[1] and names[2] which print incorrectly.
Finnaly at the End I print the 3 names without problems.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

void change(char *names){
    printf("Insert New Name1: ");
    printf("Test: %s\n",&names[1]);
    printf("Test: %s",&names[2]);

void main(void){
    char names[25][80];
    printf("Name 1: ");
    printf("Name 2: ");
    printf("Name 3: ");
    printf("\nName1: %s",names[0]);
    printf("\nName2: %s",names[1]);
    printf("\nName3: %s",names[2]);

Name 1: Jhon
Name 2: Wick
Name 3: Snow
Insert New Name1: John
Test: ohn
Test: hn
Name1: John
Name2: Wick
Name3: Snow
Process returned 12 (0xC)   execution time : 27.781 s
Press any key to continue.

What I have tried:

I tried to remove the "&" from the printfs but it crash.
Updated 23-Nov-21 14:21pm

1 solution

The problem is the change function is not set up correctly. It needs to know the length of the strings. Your code accepted a single character pointer instead of an array of strings.

One way to do this is to define a type like this:
#define NAME_LENGTH 79

typedef char   NameString[ NAME_LENGTH+1 ];

void change( NameString names[] )
    printf( "Insert New Name1: " );
    scanf( "%s", names[4] );
    strcpy( names[0], names[4] );
    printf( "Test 1: %s\n", names[1] );
    printf( "Test 2: %s\n", names[2] );

void main(void)
    NameString names[25];
    printf("Name 1: ");
    scanf("%s", names[0] );
    printf("Name 2: ");
    scanf("%s", names[1] );
    printf("Name 3: ");
    scanf("%s", names[2] );

    change( names );

    printf("Name 1: %s\n", names[0]);
    printf("Name 2: %s\n", names[1]);
    printf("Name 3: %s\n", names[2]);

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