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i built a face recognition app using python it worked successfully but the problem is it also detects faces in pictures it detected my picture on the wall

What I have tried:

i have read about 3d face recognition but still didnt find any course that teaches it dont know if it is the answer but id love to hear more about it
Updated 4 days ago
Dave Kreskowiak 4 days ago
Good luck with that. Think about the problem from the computers point of view. It captures images, including faces, with a camera, essentially making every "real face" a picture of a face. So you're trying to differentiate between a "picture of a real face" and a "picture of a picture of a real face."
SilentH11 4 days ago
i have already thought about it the thing is smartphones now can actually differ
a picture from reality that gives me hope of finding the solution
Dave Kreskowiak 4 days ago
They also have a camera that dips into the IR spectrum, which a picture won't give the camera anything to see.

1 solution

Not really a topic for a Quick Answers forum - especially as you have not shared the code that is at fault.

You could start with these CP articles
Introduction to Face Identification[^]
Image Recognition with C# and Emgu Libraries[^]

If you have a specific problem with your code then please do come back ... with the code that is giving you a problem.

You might get more out of engaging with the community forums of whichever face recognition library you are using
SilentH11 4 days ago
i dont find anything wrong with the code on the contrary i have seen a bunch of projects tried them and came out with the same result it always detects the picture

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