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Dear All

I have this query

aquery = (from p in ctx.rap_t009_i.Where(x => (x.d_prog <= dDat))
          join r in ctx.t011 on p.id_prog equals r.id_prog
          join s in ctx.t005 on r.id_pers equals s.id_pers
          select new TAP_UTILITY.cl_PRIVACY

              c_nom = s.c_nom,
              c_cog = s.c_cog,
              c_cod = s.c_cod,
       ---->  s_date_birth =  s.d_date_birth.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"), <-----
              c_email = s.c_email

But this query doesn't work. I receive this error message:

Error	CS1501	No overload for method 'ToString' takes 1 arguments	

What I have tried:

I try with this code, but doesn't work.

s_date_birth = s.d_date_birth.HasValue ? s.d_date_birth.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy") : string.Empty,

How can I resolve ?

Thanks to everyone who will help me
Updated 26-Nov-21 7:02am
Richard MacCutchan 26-Nov-21 12:17pm    
Why not just leave that field as it is? You do not need it formatted to a string until you need to display it somewhere.

1 solution

Based on your code I think it's safe to assume that s.d_date_birth is a DateTime? value. This is a Nullable<DateTime> which doesn't have a ToString() method which accepts a format.

You almost had it right in your attempted code, you could try doing:

s_date_birth = s.d_date_birth?.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy") ?? string.Empty,

That will loosely compile to:
s_date_birth = s.d_date_birth.HasValue ? s.d_date_birth.Value.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy") : string.Empty,

You have to access the Value property of a nullable type to get the underlying value.
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BillWoodruff 27-Nov-21 9:18am    
antobaro 28-Nov-21 12:39pm    
Hi Cris. Great !! ;-) Thank you very much

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