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I'm storing a long folder path in my code as a variable and it has a space in it. The space is being treated as a new line or end of statement. This is causing and error in my code.

Unfortunately I only share the one line of code that is giving me the problem. Hopefully that is enough to diagnose the issue.

When I run my code, I get the following error:
./ line 29: "/Users/meme/Documents/Automation: No such file or directory

What I have tried:

THEPATH="/Users/meme/Documents/Automation projects/ST/rumble-687.94957ca6d3-macosx"
Updated 2-Dec-21 18:49pm
Peter_in_2780 2-Dec-21 17:41pm    
Put "linux file path spaces" into your fave search engine and choose your poison from the results. There are many ways...
wifinut 2-Dec-21 17:54pm    
Thanks. As it turned out, the problem line was not in my variable declaration, but rather how I referenced it. Problem solved!
Peter_in_2780 2-Dec-21 19:11pm     CRLF
Great! Just remember the difference between single and double quotes! My aide-memoire is that double quotes are wider, so they do the expansion of $ ` \

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Answered only to remove from unanswered queue - solved by OP.
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