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I need to do a loop to extract every single "sample ID" from the list and execute the code below.

The "Sample IDs" contain all the ID values ​​(ex: GD6871) from 1 to N, where N is the size of the list in terms of the number of "Sample IDs" present.

The ID values ​​are on another page, so it must be able to get these values ​​with ($ _GET ['idList']); , unpack them to be able to read them here.

What I have tried:

//The given code
$sampleIDList = htmlspecialchars($_GET['idList']);

for i = 1 to N ...   //Part of the click is what I need.


$sampleID = $sampleIDList(i);

//Instruction of the page from where I have to import the IDs automatically.

Updated 7-Dec-21 5:33am
Chris Copeland 7-Dec-21 8:53am
What values are being passed in to $_GET['idList']? Is it a string value delimited by something like commas or new-lines?
iMati 7-Dec-21 9:15am
It's an array of strings, actually, an array of values ​​that I've concatenated into on the other page.

1 solution

You mention you've concatenated together the values into the $_GET['idList'] value so what you'll need to do is split the values again back into an array before you can iterate over them.

You can split using the PHP: explode - Manual[^] function, which will take the string value and split it based on a delimiter.

For example, if your string has been concatenated with a comma as the delimiter then you'd need to explode on that:
$idList = $_GET['idList'];
$idArray = explode(",", $idList);

foreach ($idArray as $id) {
  $id = htmlspecialchars($id);
iMati 9-Dec-21 3:48am
That's all I needed! Thank you so much.

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