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Four fields: id with type int, name of type string, nbStocks of type int and price
of type double.
•A static variable NbArticle that computes the number of Stock objects.
•A constructor that creates a Stock with the specified id, name, nbStocks and price.
•The getter and setter methods.
Object Oriented Design &
•Two methods named DecrementStock() and IncrementStock() that decrement
and increment respectively by one the number of a Stock.
•A method named changePrice(int percent) that change the price of a Stock
according to the corresponding percent given by its argument and returns the
new price.
•A method named ToString() that displays the information of a Stock.
•Draw the UML diagram for the class.
•Write a test program that creates a Stock with arguments given by the user.
•Display the number of created Stocks.
•Decrement by 2 the number of Stock and then display the number of Stocks.
•Increment by 1 the number Stock and then display the number of Stocks.
•Add the price of Stock by 20% and then display the new price.
•Display the final information of the Stock.

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Hello, Please How can I solve this question
Updated 10-Dec-21 2:10am

Sorry - we don't do homework for you. It doesn't help anyone, especially you.
Try reading this article How to Write Code to Solve a Problem, A Beginner's Guide[^] , then write some code. By all means return here with that code if you hit any problems
class Stock {
    int id;
    string name;
    int nbStocks;
    double price;
    static NbArticle = 0; // increment this in the constructor to count the objects.
    public Stock(int id, string name, int nbStocks, double price) {
        // use the setters to initialise the object

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