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This is my basic function I'm trying to develop as a beginner, but it isn't yet complete as I want to try and add some more code where I add the sums of 5 lists of n length on my own, but this part has been bugging me for a while. When I want to run this, all it shows is an error pop-up saying "invalid syntax" and highlighting "name", or rather the 1st letter of it.
int name[n]
for i in range(n):
    added= added + name[i]

What I have tried:

Removing int name[n] and setting it up so that name=[n], but when I removed int name[n], suddenly python thinks that the list doesn't exist.
Updated 12-Dec-21 22:45pm
CPallini 13-Dec-21 2:24am
What are you trying to do?
Messa Tee 13-Dec-21 2:39am
Wanted to have it so that the code prints the sum of the list of n length.
CPallini 13-Dec-21 3:13am
OK, but your code didn't assign any value to the items of the list.
Messa Tee 13-Dec-21 3:29am
So I'm supposed to append?
CPallini 13-Dec-21 4:00am
Well, you are supposed to add some values to the list.

Take out the line:
int name[n]
That is a "C style" declaration, not Python.
The line below it serves to declare the collection.
Your code makes little sense and looks like it was copied from someone who does not know Python. I suggest you go to The Python Tutorial — Python 3.9.9 documentation[^] where you can learn the language in easy steps.

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