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I need lots help with coding can you teach me how to

What I have tried:

lots I've asked lots of people and just need help
Updated 13-Dec-21 23:14pm

That's not going to happen in these forums. There is simply way too much information to be conveyed.

You would be much better served by get a few books on the subject, something like these[^].
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matthewas 13-Dec-21 20:13pm    
are there any forums that can help.
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Dec-21 20:26pm    
Teach you programming? No. There's books and books of information that has to be covered and you're not going to get someone to type that much information into any textbox on any website.

This site is also "not for hire" as questions here, and on other sites, are answered by people who volunteer what spare time they have.
matthewas 13-Dec-21 20:34pm    
what about a youtube video
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Dec-21 20:36pm    
First, video's suck at teaching anything. Most of those people cannot teach and cannot teach programming at all.

You seem to think teach you programming is going to take a few hours. That's going to take HUNDREDS of hours of instruction and practice. That's not something you're going to get in videos or in forums.
matthewas 13-Dec-21 20:40pm    
I need lots help with coding can you teach me how to

No, we can't. That is the job of teachers/tutors.
You need to enroll in a course/school or hire a tutor, preferably near your place.
You can search youtube for tutorial videos too, to get you started.

There is no way we can teach you programming in the scope of this textbox.
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You have not said what language you are interested in learning, but Python is a good choice for absolute beginners. See The Python Tutorial — Python 3.9.9 documentation[^].
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