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The data string is ,

char arr[100] = "IN1::1209 OUT1::678 CURR1::4 KWh1::3"
collect the individual numeric data of 4 individuals from the above string and store it in a separate string and convert those individual data into hexadecimal value with leading zeroes.Can anyone help me write a C code for this?

What I have tried:

I have tried splitting individual data using strtok and collected the data and even tried to convert it to hex but not able to convert it with leading zeroes and I have no idea how to convert it to hex when I get a negative data so it won't convert to hex at all.
Updated 22-Dec-21 7:01am

Hex isn't complicated: it's the same a base 10 that you normally use, but based on 16 instead.
So to convert string values from decimal to hex is pretty easy:
1) Extract the numeric data from the string:
"1209", "678", "4", "3"
You know how to do that, you said so.
2) Convert those to integer values:
1209, 678, 4, 3
That's not complex either: atoi - C++ Reference[^]
3) Convert each integer to hex. That's also pretty easy, particularly with leading zeros:
3.1) Shift the top hex digit to the bottom position - the >> operator will do that if you use multiples of 4 for the shift count.
3.2) Use a binary AND to mask the value to just the lower four bits: that is a single hex digit.
3.3) Convert the hex digit to ASCII:
0 - '0'
 1 - '1'
 9 - '9'
10 - 'A'
11 - 'B'
15 - 'F'

3.4) Shift the original value left 4 places ready for the next digit - the << operator is your friend here.
4) Repeat until you have all digits.

Negatives convert automatically to hex values with the top bit set.

Give it a try manually, and you'll see what I mean.
Once you have converted the digit strings to integer values, you can convert them to HEX strings quite simply with one of the sprintf_s, _sprintf_s_l, swprintf_s, _swprintf_s_l | Microsoft Docs[^] functions.

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