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i am using tomcat and cant get my CSS link to work on my jsp page/i keep getting 404 errors. repository URL:
GitHub - jonathanIckovich/divina-popina

What I have tried:

google,couldnt find the awnser or at least understand what they were saying as none of the situations were like main using different structures.
StackOverflow and Reddit didn't accept my questions.
Updated 25-Dec-21 21:25pm

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StackOverflow and Reddit didn't accept my questions.

And to be honest, I'm not surprised. You aren't going to get an answer here either I'm afraid ...

You need to take a step back, and learn to ask a question.
What you have done so far is say "it don't work" and dump a pile of code on us that we can't really test and don't want to wade through because it's at best undocumented and at worst fairly impenetrable.
That's not a question: that's throwing your hands in the air and saying "you do this because I can't be bothered". Would you invest the time and effort - which is pretty extensive - to read and try to understand what I have written so far if I did that to you?
No - you wouldn't, because I would be making your life as difficult as possible so that I didn't have to put any effort into helping you to work out what was going on. Just posting a link to a whole project is lazy, and pointless because nobody will follow it and carefully examine the code, looking for a problem you haven't described beyond saying "it don't work".
That's why SO and Reddit rejected your post: it's not a question that can be answered.

Asking questions is a skill - and it's worth developing for the real world, as well as online. Lets take an example: Suppose you go for a drive, and your car breaks down. You grab your phone, call the garage and say "It broke" and turn off your phone.
How long are you going to be waiting until the garage turns up with exactly the right bits, exactly the right tools, exactly the right mechanic to fix the problem?
They don't know who you are, what make or model the car is, what happened to it when it broke down, or even where you are! They don't know if you need a jerry can of petrol, a spare tyre, or a whole new engine - and even if they did, they have no idea where to bring it.
So when you ring the garage, you tell them your name, where you are, what the car is, and that you just drove into a house and need a tow truck. Or that you had a puncture and needs a new tyre. Or that it made a funny noise and stopped running.
They may ask more questions like "have you got a credit card on you?" or "what did the noise sound like?" but you have opened the discussion in an understandable way: you gave relevant fragments of "the experience" and explained things so they can ask relevant questions.

Saying "It broke" and expecting others to work out what broke isn't going to help anyone!

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