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I'm going to launch a code editor for people to create bots to disagree, it's almost all ready, but what I need help is when saving the file

What I have tried:

I created a function that saves but when the file already exists the person have to replace, then I created a String called currentFile that will store the path of the selected file, then how do I make it just replace the text inside the file without needing to replace the file or open the save menu?

String currentFile = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\EXAMPLE\\FILE.js";
SaveFileDialog sfd = default(SaveFileDialog);
            if (fctb_code.Text.Length > 0)
                sfd = new SaveFileDialog();


                string location = currentFile;
                string sourcecode = fctb_code.Text;
                location = sfd.FileName;
                if (!object.ReferenceEquals(sfd.FileName, ""))
                    using (System.IO.StreamWriter writer = new System.IO.StreamWriter(location, false))
Updated 28-Dec-21 14:29pm
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-21 4:39am    
Don't write directly into C:\Program Files (x86); it is a system protected location. Also do not directly overwite an existing file. If your application writes garbage or otherwise fails then the original content is lost. Always create a new file and write to that, then rename it when you are sure that everything worked correctly.

1 solution

File.WriteAllText Method (System.IO) | Microsoft Docs[^] creates or overwrites, and does it all in a single line of code. It will fail if the file already exists and is already open for writing by some process.

BTW: using a Stream isn't useful when you intend to write all the data in a single Write operation...

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