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I want to send json to a website and get the data into a webpage

What I have tried:

I only searched the web but found no usable info or example
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-21 10:28am     CRLF
"but found no usable info or example" Not surprising since your question is somewhat unclear. Where does the JSON data come from, and which website are you trying to send it to.
Brollie 31-Dec-21 7:06am     CRLF
The json will be send by a computer program and the website should show the result. The most simple website and json file is okay for me. I found a lot of stuff about this but nowhere a working example.
Richard MacCutchan 31-Dec-21 7:14am    
Your question is still far too vague. There are plenty of examples of how to pass JSON data to and from websites, that Google will find for you.
Brollie 31-Dec-21 9:49am     CRLF
Yes, there are plenty of examples but no working ones. I do not see why the question is to vague. What is simpler than this question, a bit of html and a json that changes the content of that html.
Richard MacCutchan 31-Dec-21 9:57am     CRLF
The question contains no detail. Which website that will you send the JSON to? What data will it contain? What processing will the website do with whatever it receives?

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