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i am trying to make a quiz game and error i am getting is in if statement compiler is not reading complete string and showing else only if i input complete string. it works for single word but not for string

What I have tried:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
#include <string>
int quizshow()
 	int a;
 	cout<<"Select a category by pressing its corresponding number"<<endl;
 		case 1:
 			string a;
 				cout <<"What is a comma used after th";
 				cout <<endl;
 				if (a == "Oxford comma")
 					cout <<"You are winner";
 					cout <<"You are loser";

int main()
Updated 30-Dec-21 8:24am
KarstenK 30-Dec-21 13:12pm    
fix your indentions to understand the code. You missed some braces in the else.
0x01AA 30-Dec-21 13:16pm    
Nope, nothing is missing. The code compiles and runs. The only warning is the missing return <int> in main ;)
Try it e.g. on[^]

1 solution

To read the whole line you can use getline
//cin>>a; // Comment out or delete your current input
cin.ignore(10000,'\n');  // 'Empty' input
getline(cin, a);

I hope this helps.
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k5054 30-Dec-21 11:30am    
While its not likely that a single input line is going to be over 10,000 chars long, you can guarantee that you won't end up with in the middle of some ginormously stupid input by using std::numeric_limits<std::streamsize>::max()
0x01AA 30-Dec-21 11:36am    
Thank you, of course you are right, but I even not explained that line and even more I don't like to overwhelm OP with such things. There are plenty of other problems in OP's code ;)
Hamza Jameel 30-Dec-21 13:29pm    
Hi, Thanks for answering. it worked perfectly :)
0x01AA 30-Dec-21 13:31pm    
Thank you for accepting ;)

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