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So I have 3 Lists cie, itemrange, pfinal
they are as below
#Note: cie values are integers, but I changed it just so my point gets clear
cie = [[a, b, c, d], [e, f, g, i], [j, k, l, m]]
itemrange = ["1", "2", "3"]
x = []

I have a string as the string contains a function name and an itemrange placeholder
Like so
functionName(1, 2)

I want to replace the 1, 2 into the nested items in cie and append it to x
Like so
x = [
  functionName(a,e) #first item from the first 2 indexes of cie
  #and so on...

What I have tried:

statement = input()

for i in itemrange:
    if i in statement:
        for n in cie[int(i) - 1]:
            x.append(statement.replace(i, str(n)))


This results the following output:
<pre lang="text">
inputText: functionName(1,2)

x = 

This seems to be a problem with my for loop, as indeed it is replacing the values, but not recursively, how can I do it so it replaces multipl items in itemrange at the same time and stores them at once?
Maciej Los 12-Jan-22 15:33pm
Sorry, but your question is not clear. Please, be more specific and provide the body of functionName and expected output.

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