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The type or namespace name could not be found

What I have tried:

I added reference. Where is the error?
here is the error message
Updated 1-Jan-22 5:08am

1 solution

The error message means what it says - it doesn't know what the class name you used is.
If you've added the reference to the containing assembly, that isn't necessarily enough - you will probably also need a using statement at the top of each source code file.

Hover the mouse over the "red squiggly line" marked class name, and a little drop-down will appear to the left - open that and you will get options to help fix teh problem. Select "using" and it will add the line you need for you.
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KenDzz 1-Jan-22 6:30am    
I can't fix the error your way. Can you give me your contact information? We can talk directly
OriginalGriff 1-Jan-22 6:40am    
Nope. I already get hundreds of emails a day, and don't need any more! :laugh:

This is a public Q&A forum for a reason - so others with a similar problem can learn from it as well.

What - exactly - did you try, and what - exactly - happened?
KenDzz 1-Jan-22 7:19am
Here is a detailed video.
Adam Flow 1-Jan-22 7:34am    
This looks like the usual Visual Studio hickup to me.
At 0:32 you clicked on the error entry and jumped to the code line for Sys_Users_SkillBooks.
It was underlined red for a second and then went fine.
Try to cleanup the solution, restart Visual Studio and rebuild your whole solution again.

I encounter this "phenomenon" too, occasionally. Especially when i switch between different solutions.

If you have Resharper installed, you can also do a Cache Cleanup.
OriginalGriff 1-Jan-22 7:42am    
Your first error message refers to a file called "ActivateElf.cs" which isn't even open on your screen.
The one you follow goes to Skill.cs which doesn't include the using line (0:41 timeline)

As I said, "you will probably also need a using statement at the top of each source code file."

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