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I have a question. Is there a way to write a value that does not match what you are looking for? In the SpatialQueryFilter function, I was looking for a value that is intersect, but I would also like to write a value that does not match. It is an ARCGis Pro button that forms a new layer.
 var spatialQuery = new SpatialQueryFilter()
                    { FilterGeometry = polygonGeometry1, SpatialRelationship = SpatialRelationship.Intersects };
                    var polyCursor2 = polygonFeatureClass2.Search(spatialQuery, false);
                   while (polyCursor2.MoveNext())

What I have tried:

I'm not looking for a solution code but some advice on how to solve it. It was thought to write it in an IF statement, but RowCursor cannot assign a true value so that mismatched values ​​in the ELSE condition can write the remainder.

Thank you for the advice
BillWoodruff 4-Jan-22 12:27pm    
Unclear: are you asking how to report the state/value of something you did not find, or did not expect to fins ?

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