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this is my first project in IT.i start with analysis but in database i want to create data project is about online pharmacy ,where user can order medicine online.

What I have tried:

i tried to analys my website but everything is mixup.
Updated 4-Jan-22 23:12pm
0x01AA 4-Jan-22 13:43pm
You need to be more specific and very important you need to be consistent using terms.

E.g. dictionary:
A dictionary has at least one 'key' and a 'value' for that 'key'. Very simple so far.
Of course one can extend that dictionary that one key can have multiply values. Think about a dctionary which supports translation from english to french, spanish, whatelse.

Such a dictionary you can then extend to something which allows you finally to translate from language x to language y.

So try to describe more precise what you need and also what you tried ;)
Gerry Schmitz 4-Jan-22 18:02pm
For a "data dictionary", you can use Excel: one sheet per table; rows for fields; columns for attributes (name, type, size, etc). Use color for hiliting keys, etc.

Prototype in Access, maybe. The printed table definitions make for a data dictionary of sorts.

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Data Dictionary in Application Database is a document usually in excel sheet that elaborates the entire schema.

You need to write all tables and their columns along with their business purpose, relations, etc. You can add more details like indexes if you want.

You can also use below template
Data Dictionary - Examples | Ag Data Commons[^]

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