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I work on SQL server 2014 I need to rewrite update statement with best practice
CAN I Write it without subquery ?

What I have tried:

what i try
SET  FamilyGroup = STUFF(
SELECT   DISTINCT '|' + CAST( ISNULL(REPLACE(f.FamilyGroupText,'|','/'),'NULL') AS NVARCHAR(50))
FROM ExtractReports.dbo.MultiMask FF 
INNER JOIN Parts.Nop_Part ptt WITH(NOLOCK) ON ptt.Masked_ID=ff.Masked_ID AND ptt.Masked_ID = FFFFF.Masked_ID
left JOIN [Parts].partscrubbing LC WITH(NOLOCK) ON ptt.PartID=LC.PartID
LEFT JOIN  Parts.ZFamilyGroup f ON f.ID=LC.Generic_3
WHERE ff.Masked_ID=FFFFF.Masked_ID
        FOR XML PATH ('')
FROM  ExtractReports.dbo.MultiMask FFFFF
Updated 4-Jan-22 22:12pm
0x01AA 4-Jan-22 15:47pm
Where is a subquery here?
ahmed_sa 4-Jan-22 15:50pm
thanks for reply
are statement above write best practice correct
ahmed_sa 4-Jan-22 15:51pm
subquery as below
SET FamilyGroup = STUFF(

1 solution

You do seem to be obsessed with character-separated data in columns - which is bad practice by the way.

Based on the other questions you have been posting this is about performance when using FOR XML PATH because it requires a correlated sub-query i.e. this is the bit that is causing the issue
As you have been advised previously - try putting that data into a temporary table so that you are not impacting the larger query e.g.
declare @MultiMaskDemo table (FamilyGroupText varchar(10), Masked_ID int)
insert into @MultiMaskDemo ( FamilyGroupText,Masked_ID) values
('A',1), ('B',1),('C',1),('D',2),('E',2),('F',3);

select F2.Masked_ID, FamilyGroup = STUFF(
	SELECT  '|' + CAST( ISNULL(REPLACE(FamilyGroupText,'|','/'),'NULL') AS NVARCHAR(50))
	FROM @MultiMaskDEMO f1
	WHERE f1.Masked_ID = F2.Masked_ID
    FOR XML PATH ('')
INTO #temp
FROM  @MultiMaskDemo F2
You can then join that temporary table to your main query based on Masked_ID. When you put your joins back into this demo code you can change
INNER JOIN Parts.Nop_Part ptt WITH(NOLOCK) ON ptt.Masked_ID=ff.Masked_ID AND ptt.Masked_ID = FFFFF.Masked_ID
to be
INNER JOIN Parts.Nop_Part ptt WITH(NOLOCK) ON ptt.Masked_ID=ff.Masked_ID
- No need for two references to the outer query.

As an aside, I strongly advise you to stop using character-separated values in columns - create a many-to-one relationship table for storage and only generate the CSV when required (if at all)
Maciej Los 6-Jan-22 14:37pm
You're very kind to this member...
CHill60 6-Jan-22 14:47pm
I'm not sure how long for...
Maciej Los 6-Jan-22 14:48pm

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