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$query="select Pname,price,time,days from package";

 mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt,$query) or exit('Query Error.'. mysqli_stmt_errno($stmt));
 mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt) or exit('Query Execution failed.'. mysqli_stmt_errno($stmt));
 mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt,$Pname,$price,$time,$days) or exit('Result storage failed.'. mysqli_stmt_errno($stmt));

echo '<table border="1"><tr><th>Pname</th><th>price</th><th>time</th><th>days</th><th>users</th></tr>';

		echo '<tr>';
		echo "<td>$Pname</td>";
		echo "<td>$price</td>";
		echo "<td>$time</td>";
		echo "<td>$days</td>";
		echo '<td></td>';
		echo '</tr>';
echo '</table><br/>';
echo mysqli_stmt_num_rows($stmt).' records found<br/>'; 



What I have tried:

i have two database tables
one for users
and one for packages information
in the user table i have package_id as well to connect the package name with the user who choose the package

i already can display the packages information in the table but i couldn't display the users beside them
Updated 10-Jan-22 3:31am

1 solution

I think you need to inner join
How to Use Joins in PHP[^]

here is an example
$qry="SELECT,emp.FirstName, dept.dept_name FROM emp INNER JOIN dept on = dept.dept_id";

this connects to separate tables

in your case I guess it would be something like this ( I added a fake user row because I don't know what your users table looks like)
$query="select package.Pname,package.price,package.time,package.days, from package INNER JOIN users on package.package_id = users.package_id";
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