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im trying to run programme but instead of output im getting following error, now little bit i know that its connected to a path but dont know how to solve it as im new to programming.

Sanjana@SanjanaPC MINGW64 /d/DSA/sorting
$ cd "d:\DSA\sorting\" && g++ Bubble_sort.cpp -o Bubble_sort && "d:\DSA\sorting\"Bubble_sort
bash: cd: d:\DSA\sorting" && g++ Bubble_sort.cpp -o Bubble_sort && d:DSAsorting"Bubble_sort: No such file or directory       

Sanjana@SanjanaPC MINGW64 /d/DSA/sorting

What I have tried:

I have watched every youtube video and tried every suggestion in the comments, yet nothing has seemed to fix it. TBH most of the solution i didnt understand.
Updated 10-Jan-22 7:35am
Richard Deeming 10-Jan-22 12:23pm    
I suspect the quotes on the final command:
"d:\DSA\sorting\"Bubble_sortd:DSAsorting"Bubble_sort: No such file or directory

Try taking the quotes out:
cd "d:\DSA\sorting\" && g++ Bubble_sort.cpp -o Bubble_sort && d:\DSA\sorting\Bubble_sort

or wrapping the entire path in quotes:
cd "d:\DSA\sorting\" && g++ Bubble_sort.cpp -o Bubble_sort && "d:\DSA\sorting\Bubble_sort"

1 solution

It looks like you might be running bash under mingw or mayby cygwin on windows, so this is tailored to that assumption. For starters, I don't think you need to change directory to <cod>d:\DSA\sorting, since that's where you already appear to be based on your prompt. So you should just be able to do g++ Bubble_sort.cpp - o Bubble.sort && ./Bubblesort. Given your environment, I think you should be able to use Unix style path separators (/) rather than the window style (\) at your command promp.

Supposing that your environment knows how to deal with cd "d:\DSA\sorting\", why do you get an error message? That's because in bash, strings in double quotes get escape expansion - e.g. "hello\nworld" gets expanded to
Note that the \n in the string got turned into a newline character.So in your case the string "d:\DSA\sorting\" is seen as an unterminated string, since the sequence \" is treated as an an embedded quote mark. The final \ is not necessary, so you could instead use cd "d:\DSA\sorting", or use a single-quoted string, which does not get escape expanded e.g. <ode>cd 'd:\DSA\sorting\'
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