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I implemented the code that obtaining hardware sensors' readings using OpenHardwareMonitor. The code looks like this: using OpenHardwareMonitor.Hardware;namespace WindowsFormsApp3{ public -[^]

It basically searches for the "name" of the sensor and returns the value if the sensor was found.
While I can obtain CPU PPT, CPU Load, TCL/TDIE Temperature, and Temperature of CCD1 and CCD2, by no means I can find the CPU voltage or CPU or CORE frequency, regardless of what "names" I searching for.

If you ever worked with Open Hardware Monitor or a similar library, I would truly appreciate it if you would tell me which "names" are used for readings that I'm looking for.

What I have tried:

Searched for:
CPU Voltage
Voltage #1 (as it is named in OHM software)
Procesor Voltage
The same with a frequency.
During my research (when I didn't know that it will be a problem) I came across the code/console app that could successfully obtain CCD frequency, but I no longer can find it.
Updated 11-Jan-22 6:06am
BillWoodruff 11-Jan-22 3:11am    
Have you considered opening an issue on the GitHub site ?
0x01AA 11-Jan-22 8:25am    
I assume you also test with the demo app. Anyway in case I start the app as normal user I don't see e.g. Frequency Values. But if I start the app as Admin, the Frequency Values will be displayed....
I hope it helps.
0x01AA 11-Jan-22 11:39am    
Meanwhile I googled/read a lot about OpenHardwareMonitor and a lot of time people do not suggest it :(
Maybe it is more easy to get the values by WMI.

1 solution

I searched a lot to get a solution with OpenHardwareMonitor but I also had no success. Furthermore in a lot of posts I found a remark that OpenHardwareMonitor is not a good tool, but this I can't jugde.

During these researches I found this easy solution with WMI which maybe can solve your request or at least a part of it:

using System.Management;
// ...
foreach (var item in new ManagementObjectSearcher("Select * from Win32_Processor").Get())
   Log($"CurrentVoltage [V]: {(decimal.Parse(item["CurrentVoltage"].ToString()) /
   Log($"CurrentClockSpeed [GHz]: {(decimal.Parse(item["CurrentClockSpeed"].ToString()) /

Thanks to @Richard-MacCutchan, here a version without useless conversion to/from string:
foreach (var item in new ManagementObjectSearcher("Select * from Win32_Processor").Get())
   Log($"CurrentVoltage [V]: {(ushort)item["CurrentVoltage"] / 10.0}");
   Log($"CurrentClockSpeed [GHz]: {(uint)item["CurrentClockSpeed"] / 1000.0}");

One correction more after recognizing that ManagementObjectSearcher is IDisposable *grrr*
using (var managementObjectSearcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher("Select * from Win32_Processor"))
    foreach (var item in managementObjectSearcher.Get())
        Log($"CurrentVoltage [V]: {(ushort)(item["CurrentVoltage"]) / 10.0}");
        Log($"CurrentClockSpeed [GHz]: {(uint)item["CurrentClockSpeed"] / 1000.0}");


All properties which are available above you find here: Win32_Processor class - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs[^]
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Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-22 12:38pm    
You do not need either ToString or decimal.Parse on the values. The string formatter will automate it. In fact it is rather pointless to convert a numeric value to a string just so you can parse it back to a numeric.
0x01AA 11-Jan-22 12:45pm    
Thank you for the hint. This happens if one copy/paste code from other examples, my bad :(
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-22 14:34pm    
Yes, I have been caught by that many times.
0x01AA 11-Jan-22 14:51pm    
So I'm happy that I'm not the only one.

Other small question: Do you know why '@Richard-MacCutchan' does not appear as highlighted/link style? Does this not work in Q/A?
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-22 15:38pm    
No, the auto links only work in the forums.

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