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how to encrypt and decrypt a integer field in microsoft sql server 2018
using store procedure of encrypt while inserting and decrypt while selecting

What I have tried:

Select num From test Where Uid=1
CONVERT( sql_variant, DecryptByKey(num)) AS 'Limit'
FROM test;
Updated 11-Jan-22 3:59am

If you look at the documentation at ENCRYPTBYKEY (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^] section B it gives this example
USE AdventureWorks2012;  
-- Create a column in which to store the encrypted data.  
ALTER TABLE Sales.CreditCard   
    ADD CardNumber_Encrypted varbinary(128);   
-- Open the symmetric key with which to encrypt the data.  
OPEN SYMMETRIC KEY CreditCards_Key11  
-- Encrypt the value in column CardNumber with symmetric   
-- key CreditCards_Key11.  
-- Save the result in column CardNumber_Encrypted.    
UPDATE Sales.CreditCard  
SET CardNumber_Encrypted = EncryptByKey(Key_GUID('CreditCards_Key11'),   
    CardNumber, 1, CONVERT( varbinary, CreditCardID) );  
What is not clear without looking at the database is that CreditCardID is an int (see Sales.CreditCard - AdventureWorks[^] )

I.e. convert your int to a varbinary in order to Encrypt it. Convert the varbinary returned from DECRYPTBYKEY back to an int on select
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Rain Nature 11-Jan-22 8:51am    
thankyou sir, this coding good but i want to encrypt while inserting
CHill60 11-Jan-22 9:08am    
This is only an example, the actual encryption bit is the same whether you are inserting or updating!
Maciej Los 11-Jan-22 9:22am    
You can find a very detailed Article with a good example on how to use EncryptionByKey and DecryptionByKey below[^]

The article also explains how to use system views to verify the key presences and access rights to do Encryption.
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CHill60 11-Jan-22 9:09am    
Good article - unfortunately doesn't tell the OP how to encrypt an integer field
_Asif_ 11-Jan-22 9:18am    
I don't think type is an issue here, Check this link.
CHill60 11-Jan-22 12:41pm    
"I don't think type is an issue here" - it's not an 'issue' per se. The OP just needs to cast or convert the int to a varbinary in order to Encrypt it
Maciej Los 11-Jan-22 9:22am    
_Asif_ 11-Jan-22 9:26am    
Thanks. If I remember correctly we could have upvoted the comments previously, now we can't?

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