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How do we properly create an overloaded operator specifically this "<<" and also with a templated parameter?

I do had an implementation of it but the problem was and for some reason the output was an address/reference of it, and my custom overloaded operator did not work?

And I stumbled upon this syntax where I have this second parameter of a declaration and which had an empty type-param. Why does the compiler did not complaint? maybe because I initialized this template see @ "What Have you Tried" and it can still be ran but for me its like a bug cause it did not work as I intended for?
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out, const HashNode</*empty*/>& node) {
    return out << "[ " << "key: " << node.getKey() << ", " << "val: " << node.getValue() << " ]";

What I have tried:

//REM: HashNode.h
template<typename K = int, typename V = std::string>
class HashNode { ... };
template<typename K = int, typename V = std::string>
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out, const HashNode<K, V>& node) {
    out << "[ " << "key: " << node.getKey() << ", " << "val: " << node.getValue() << " ]";
    return out;

//REM: then we stream it out
//HashNode<float, int> hNodeF = new HashNode<float, int>();
HashNode<>* hNode = new HashNode<>();
std::cout << hNode << std::endl; // why only an address or reference show up, why does my overload operator not working?
delete hNode;
Updated 17-Mar-23 19:11pm

std::cout << *hNode << std::endl;
Your operator defined for reference but your object is a pointer.
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Phoenix Liveon 15-Jan-22 1:20am    
What am I doing?! I am really thankful for the Solution. This is my first three weeks of studying/doing c++. Now I remember when doing pointers there's this dereferencing and addresses. I am really grateful for the brisked Answer.
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