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I am New to this website so I Will try my best to explain what I want.
I am Trying to make a google extension where it directly takes you to a specific Link as soon as a specific words is detected
Here is my current code:


function replaceText(element) {
  if (element.hasChildNodes()) {
  } else if (element.nodeType === Text.TEXT_NODE) {
    element.textContent = element.textContent.replace(/coronavirus/gi, "████");
    element.textContent = element.textContent.replace(/covid-19/gi, "████");

As you can see it replaces the Word "Covid-19" with a blank box, But what I want is: That as soon as "Covid-19" is detected it redirects me onto a website which has already been set by me, is there a command like that?

What I have tried:

I tried many functions like:
And much more, but non of them seem to work
I am new to Java So Excuse my Lack of Understanding
Thank you in advance and I hope to get an answer very soon!
Updated 16-Jan-22 5:29am
Richard Deeming 17-Jan-22 5:50am    
NB: This kind of behaviour seems like a great way to get your extension banned as "malware".

1 solution

Try the following code to redirect as per specific word found:

<pre><script type='text/javascript'>
	function redirectURL() {
	    var specWord = getSpecificWord();
		switch(specWord) {
			case 'corona':
			case 'covid':
			case 'covid-19':
				return true;
		return false;//don't let the form submit
	function getSpecificWord(Element) {
	  var specificWord = "corona";
	  return specificWord;
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Mujiboy 16-Jan-22 11:57am    
Thank You, thank you!
You don't even understand how much this helped me!
M Imran Ansari 16-Jan-22 12:00pm    
My pleasure.
Mujiboy 16-Jan-22 12:22pm    
Hey man,
I am Sorry to Disturb you again, As you know I am Very new to JavaScript, The Site works but It doesn't do it automatically, Can you give me the fields I want to change?
Example I want it to detect "Covid" and just go this Link:
As soon as the word is detected, I am Not Familiar with the words you wrote, Pls tell me what to replace by Saying **Replace with your word** **Replace with your Link**, I am Sorry, you don't have to do it all over again for me, As you have been way too kind to me, Good sir, I will Figure a way out, if it bothers you
M Imran Ansari 16-Jan-22 13:20pm    
What do you mean by automatically? and I refer the location where you can put your own logic to trace your specific word, on the basis you want to triggered.
Mujiboy 16-Jan-22 14:05pm    
You have done it now, Thanks for reediting Original, Turns out I was putting Link in the Wrong Place, Now, Iam Sorry To have Distrubed you, And You Will Forever be Remembered in my heart, Mr Imran Ansari
-From A heartbroken programmer Student

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