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Whenever I run the code it loads a blank page with ~/ and a folder with my code

What I have tried:

This is my code (** <—not included)

		<h1>Kenzo Kitembo</h1>
		<p>Software Engineer</p>
		<p> My name is Kenzo and I'm a self taught SE looking forward to work with you!</p>
		   <p><small> Learning Python and HTML alone as a teenager</small></p></li>		<li>Soon to be at College D
		   <p><small> Will be enrolling at D next year in the CS department</small></p></li>		
			<table border="2"><tbody><tr>				<td>Languages</td>				<td>Python</td>				<td>HTML</td>			</tr>			<tr>				<td>Precise skill</td>				<td>OOP</td>				<td>Design</td>			</tr>		</tbody></table>

		<a href="" target="_blank">My Nfts</a>
		<a href="" target="_blank">My twitter</a>
		<h2><ins>Write me a message</ins></h2>
			​Enter your information:<br><br>
			<table border="2"><tbody><tr>				<td>Pleased to meet you!</td>			</tr>		</tbody></table>
Updated 22-Dec-22 17:33pm
Member 15627495 1-Feb-23 5:45am    
basically , you have to build your web page with 3 'root' elements : html , head , body tags.

<title> the title </title>
// title tag is always between 'head' tag.

// your page code structure in Html must be here.

Rebecca2002 1-May-23 6:06am    
use emmet to get the html quickly and compleet this means do: ! + enter

The first thing that I notice is that your <title> tag is unclosed.
Which means that you have no body of HTML at all.

It's quite possible that checking your tags all match up will fix many problems.
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You don't have html nor body tags either.

In other words, your HTML is badly malformed.
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