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So I've Been Making A Simple C# Console Program In VsCode And I Use The .Net 6 , And When I Finished Making The Code I Built It And Published It , And When I Click On Exe File It Runs Normally , But When I Take It Out Of The Project folder i cant run it anymore And i tried sending The whole project to my friend and he couldn't run it too

So please is there anything im missing
Sorry for bad explaination

What I have tried:

I tried publishing it and building it and sending the whole file but i still cant
Get the program to work
Updated 22-Jan-22 3:13am

Chances are it needs the right version of the .NET framework - the easiest way to make sure it will work is to use an installation program rather than "sending the EXE file" to him.

Try adding a Deployment project to your solution - that should allow you to build an installer with will ensure that everything needed is there.
Try to publish as self-contained:
Publishing your app as self-contained produces an application that includes the .NET runtime and libraries, and your application and its dependencies. Users of the application can run it on a machine that doesn't have the .NET runtime installed.

See: Application publishing - .NET | Microsoft Docs[^]

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